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Dated: 04/04/2017

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Get to know more about team member Jerry Velazquez with The Hotchkiss Group

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What was your profession before getting into Real Estate?

I've been in hospitality before I got my real estate license, I've always had hospitality in my blood. We use hospitality all the time and especially when we welcome people into our homes.

What moved you in the direction of Real Estate?

I was moved to get into real estate because of the opportunities to help someone along their journey in finding a home. I tell my clients that this is their show and I am along to open any door until it feels right. I live my life for helping others. I am super inspired by real estate and everything it stands for!

How long have you been in the business of Real Estate?

I've been in the business for one year.

Where are you from originally?

I'm Cuban and was originally born in New Orleans LA. I am a Cajun Cuban with a big heart!
I moved to St Petersburg from New Orleans in 2004

What skills make you successful?

People skills, You can teach someone anything,but you can't teach personality, passion, and care. those come from within.
I really take the time to listen to my clients and I truly care.

What do you love about St. Pete?

I love St. Petersburg,and when I first moved here I didn't want to leave this amazing city, I watched it come up and transform. Everyday something is opening and coming alive, I love the people that live here and their passion, It's also an art city full of the most talented amazing artists I ever met. We are a very close community and would do anything for the ones we care about. We live where people vacation, so living here is like being part of a postcard of this amazing sunshine state.

What is your community involvement?

My community involvements is volunteering in anyway to help people. When I first moved back here I volunteered at St Pete General in the dietary  because it was a way to go to someone's room that I didn't know and give them hope and care. I also volunteer at homeless shelters and also donate food and clothes.

Tell us about yourself?

Because of my own struggles in life and going through so much, I've turned them into positives and believe in paying it forward by doing something priceless ( helping others )that cost nothing, but is more amazing because of the feeling it gives to make an impact on another's life !

Do you have a life motto?
It cost nothing to be nice, and to always be true to yourself no matter what!

What is cool about being a member of The Hotchkiss Group?

The thing I like the most about working for Sonny and the amazing team he put together, is that he is an inspiration and a legend and works hard and cares about the clients and us on his team. He is a leader in giving back to the community and his beautiful work speaks volumes. I have learned a lot from him and he always empowers us on the team to never stop growing and learning the business. I am so thankful for Sonny and all the people on this team. We are all good people and unique in our own way!

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