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Dated: 04/04/2017

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Get to know more about Team Member Joey Romanik with The Hotchkiss Group

What did you do as a profession before getting into Real Estate?
Lots of things! I was in the restaurant business, auto sales, the music instrument retail business, and the medical equipment business. The bulk of my history is in hospitality management. 

What moved you in the direction of wanting to do Real Estate? 
Real estate has always interested me in several aspects. First, I love architecture and design. Second, I like helping people achieve a goal, in this case buying or selling a house. And I was also attracted to being able to NOT be stuck at a desk all day!

How long have you been in the business?
I just entered my third year in the business, with over 50 closed transactions! Time flies!
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Where are you from originally?

I was born in Dayton, Ohio and my parents were from Pittsburgh, my Dad was in the restaurant business so we moved quite a bit..Columbus,Ohio,West Virginia,Raleigh,North Carolina,Palm Harbor,Florida.
All of my High School years are in Crystal River, Florida and finally I moved to St Pete in 1995

What are the skills that make you successful?
I'm "Calm, cool, and collected"... at least that's what my friends, teammates, and clients say about me. I think being able to manage stressful situations (which real estate is full of) in a manner that keeps your clients from feeling that stress is my biggest attribute. I'm also organized and efficient, which helps when juggling multiple transactions. A lot of clients need constant contact and updating on the status of their transaction, so being a good communicator is very important!

What do you love about what you do?
I love being able to hand my buyers the keys to their new home, and also handing my sellers a nice check on closing day. This is the largest transaction that most people will ever make in their lives and I get to be a part of that on a daily bases. The amount of time that you spend with your clients can lead to some new friendships too.

What do you love about St. Pete?
I love that St. Pete has a big city feel while still having a small town vibe. I can't go anywhere without seeing somebody I know!
We have great restaurants,shops,architecture,museums, art scence,music and beautiful beaches.It's sunny 350 days out of the year, and my heaviest jacket is a windbreaker. You can't beat that!

Any favorite places to eat?
I'm a big fan of several of our great restaurants here: Bella Brava, The Mill, and 400 Beach Drive when I'm looking for something a bit nicer, I love the Hunger and Thirst RestaurantGroups places when I want casual (The Avenue, Proper, and Kings Street), and the Ciccio Restaurant group knocks it out of the park when I want something"healthy" with their great concepts Ciccio Cali, Better Byrd, and Fresh Kitchen.

Tell us a few things about yourself ?
I grew up playing drums in bands,which is what lead me to St. Petersburg in the mid-90s. I share that love of music with my 14 year old son, who plays guitar, and is also the baritone in his school's marching band (which won First Place in this years Florida Marching Band competition!) Whenever our two schedules allow, we book trips around the country to catch some of our favorite bands in concert, sometimes even if they’re playing here in Florida! It's a great excuse to get away and see some amazing cities.
My "downtime" consists of spending time with my amazing girlfriend and simply enjoying life. 

What's cool about working with The Hotchkiss group?

Working with Sonny has enabled me to learn from one of the best. His real estate knowledge is immense, and it allowed me to jump-start my career. In my role as the Lead Buyers Agent on the team, I also get to work hand-in-hand with our other agents and pass along some of what he's taught me to them. It's pretty cool to watch them go from feeling like they don't know what they're doing to becoming the amazing agents that they are!

Do you have a favorite saying or life motto?

From the time I was 10 years old,my Dad told me the following (which has always stuck with me): The 5 P's: PriorPlanning Prevents Poor Performance. I ALWAYS want to be as prepared as I can! and I think that my girlfriend would tell you that my favorite saying is:"Hey man, no sweat"...

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